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  • Water Treatment
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Plumbing Services
  • Borehole Drilling
  • Swimming Pool Construction

Bashbayo has traded in all forms of plumbing services over a very long period of time and has established trade records in commercial/industrial plumbing services.
We have also been involved in a number of large architecturally designed homes/unit developments and have expertise in recycled water and treatment plants. Today we offer economically viable solutions to all your plumbing works. We work in conjunction with building owners, consultants and Project Managers from concept stage through to delivery.

Our flexible and professional approach enables our clients to access a full range of services depending on their particular needs. Our goal is to work in conjunction with our customers to ensure compliance, efficiency and peace of mind.

BASHBAYO is one of the leading companies providing facility of water Treatment Plant for softeners to remove hardness from the water.
We use the proven ion exchange process to remove the hardness in water without altering or affecting the PH, alkalinity and conductivity of the water. Calcium and magnesium are the main elements, which cause both temporary and permanent hardness in water. Our calcium and magnesium hard water softeners are highly demanded by clients to remove hardness from the water. Hardness corrodes the pipelines and fittings, induces scaling and bacterial growth. When the impurities exceed the permissible limit (of less than 150 ppm), the water is nit potable.
We have designed distribution systems and support media for efficient & trouble free operations. Mild steel and conventional multi valve piping systems options are also available.
One of the leading filtration service providers, Bashbayo offers you a variety of filters in order to remove dirt, turbidity, etc. We have sand filter/multi grade filter, activated carbon filter and iron removal unit to assist you in the filtration. It is a physical treatment process, which is used for removing suspended particles from the desired solution, by passing through a porous medium. Although, there are a large number of filtration service provider in the market, customers choose us first for our quality oriented approach and affordable prices.

BASHBAYO is recognized for offering excellent sewage & effluent treatment system for waste management. Our company has effluent treatment plant, and packaged sewage & effluent treatment plants to meet all expectations of customers.

We have expertise in providing superior concepts, designs, planning, execution & commissioning of plants of various capacities and wide design range. Our sewage treatment plants are based on state-of-the-art technologies and user-friendly consoles. These are designed on submerged aeration system and are constructed under ground for better space utilization.

Domestic wastewater management system of any city consists of collection, treatment and disposal. In conventional centralized sewage treatment system, about 80% of the cost is accounted for the collection. In centralized treatment system volume of the sewage becomes very large and the distance of conveyance, as the sewage treatment plants are generally located outside of the cities, is very long.

We have drilled countless water boreholes and wells and have installed thousands of borehole pumps, building an excellent reputation for providing reliable, trouble-free water supplies over the years.

When compared to other borehole drilling companies, we prefer to supply a full service that includes not just the borehole drilling, but also submersible pump, pressure vessel, storage tanks, Treatment Plant and many more depending on your customized individual requirements.

We guarantee 10+ years on our boreholes and wells. With each system tailor-made to your unique requirements.

Bashbayo is one of the leading company specialist in swimming pool construction, maintenance, repair and revamping of old swimming pool. We are dedicated to ethical practices in all aspects of our professional service to clients, vendors and associates. Our profound proficiency in the industries of hospitality, leisure, sports and wellness. We are have been constructing swimming pools, maintenance, repair and revamping of old swimming pool for over 15 years, we know swimming pools.

Our design team have many years’ experience designing swimming pool, installing and maintaining pools. We have the interests of each customer in mind throughout the entire design and construction process. We go to great lengths to ensure we understand exactly what you want, and then we go to work to make it a reality.

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