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Bashbayo Technical Services Limited, Victoria Island, Lagos State

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Bashbayo Technical Services Limited has been in existence since 2004, and was duly registered in 2009 with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) for the provision of Water Engineering and Plumbing Services. Our corporate mission is to provide our customers with quality of services that is incomparable on industrial and domestic water engineering and plumbing. We are able to achieve this through our qualified and experienced personnel, our form of market dynamics, the distinctive creativity and renowned objectivity which enables us to attain the high level of quality and innovation that our clients demand. We are EFCC certified to carry out business in Nigeria and Abroad.

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Service We Provide

Bashbayo Technical Service Ltd is capable in the following disciplines:


Sewage Treatment Systems Installation & Maintenance.


Water Treatment Plant Installation & Maintenance.


Borehole Drilling Construction & Maintenance.


Swimming Pool Construction & Maintenance.


Building Plumbing Works Installation & Maintenance.


Water Fall And Fountain Construction & Maintenance.

Some of our Work

We have successfully completed the following works:

Project 1

Swimming Pool

Project 2

Swimming Pool

Project 3

Borehole Drilling Construction

Project 4

Water Treatment Plant

Project 5

Building Plumbing Works Installation

Project 6

Swimming Pool Water Heater

Project 7

Water Maintenance

Project 8

Borehole Drilling

Project 9

Standard Bathroom Facilities

Occupational Health And Safety Policy

Policy Statement

Bashbayo is committed to ensuring, as far as reasonably practicable, a safe place of work for all employees, contractors and visitors across all sites.

Policy Objectives:

Bashbayo occupation health and safety OHS objectives are thus:

  1. Ensure the ongoing compliance of the work health and safety act 2011 and work health and safety regulation 2011 mine health and safety act 2004 and mine health and safety regulation 2007.
  2. Maintain the mine safety management plan (MSMP) based on AS/NZS 4801, AS/NZS4804 and AS 4360.
  3. Develop and report against measurable objectives and targets with the aim to continually improve and the company OHS performance and reduce the number of workplace injury & illness.
  4. Promote effective consultation and communication with employees, subcontractors, suppliers and regulatory authorities regarding workplace health and safety.
  5. Ensure that all employees of the company subcontractors, suppliers and clients are aware that health and safety is considered a priority IN all aspects of the company business.

To fulfill these objectives, Bashbayo will:

  1. Appoint a management representative who shall be responsible for ensuring the MSMP is implemented and maintained including progress reports against set targets and objectives.
  2. Review the effectiveness of the MSMP and progress with achieving the company's objectives through various consultation processes such as safety meetings, projects review and following the results of internal and external adults.
  3. Provide ongoing training and education for all employees of the company.
  4. Review of the OHS policy in consultation with employees every 2 years.

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