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Bashbayo Technical Services Limited has been in existence since 2004, and was duly registered in 2010 with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) for the provision of Water Engineering and Plumbing Services. Our corporate mission is to provide our customers with quality of services that is incomparable on industrial and domestic water engineering and plumbing. We are able to achieve this through our qualified and experienced personnel, our form of market dynamics, the distinctive creativity and renowned objectivity which enables us to attain the high level of quality and innovation that our clients demand. We are EFCC certified to carry out business in Nigeria and Abroad.

We have developed unparalleled industry knowledge, techniques and data resources. This gives us a head start in excellent service delivery to our dear clients. Our objectives is to identify challenges and proffer solution mindset for our clients. Our flexible and professional approach enables our clients to access a full range of services depending on their particular needs. Our goal is to work in conjunction with our customers to ensure compliance, efficiency and peace of mind.

Convenience in our business simply means that all our services are just a phone call away. This is complemented with technicians suitably qualified to suit your specific needs. We have recognised that a major problem faced by our customers is obtaining reliable service from a company upon which they can depend. With Bashbayo one call can solve your problem instantly 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Not only in our trade but all building trades, as we have active professional relationships with all trades to suit any emergency that may arise.

Bashbayo significant advantage, is its accessible pool of in-house skills available for the successful management and maintenance of all aspects of water Engineering and Plumbing Services.

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