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Water Tank Cleaning Service In Lagos

We Wash And Sterilize Your Water Tank

We do not just clean, we add value to the water tank cleaning by disinfecting the tank through chlorination process that attacks microorganism in the water.

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Water Tanks like Gee Pee or GP Tanks may accumulate residue like dust and other foreign objects. Surprisingly, items like insects, lizards and sometimes rats may fall into large water tanks in the ceiling or underground ones. Also Green algae accumulates in Water tanks over time. If prompt measures are not taken to stop them, it could become so bad that particles of green algae start blocking water pipes and output points in our homes. This may contaminate your water and eventually affect you health wise when used for cooking, washing or worse still drinking. It is important therefore to organise for regular cleaning of such.

What Our Customers Say

Client Testimonials

"I have been stressed out all year about finding a time to enter and wash my water tank, thanks to Bashbayo team who did the job perfectly and my tank is as good as new."

Mr Gbenga Adeyinka

"My water tank has a lot of algae formed inside and the inside was washed clean, 10/10 job well done."

Mr Kunle
Questions Customers Ask

Frequent Questions

How often do I have to wash my water tank?

Depending on the quality of water you have in your environment and the position the tank is placed, we advice you wash the tank as often as every 3 months.

Is the cost same for all type of water tanks?

No, costing depends on the size and type of tank as different tanks requires different washing technique and different amount of labour.

How soon can I use the tank after washing?

Your tank will be readyu for use almost immediately after washing, you can easily repump a new water into the tank to continue usage.

How long does the whole washing process last?

Our team of cleaners are experienced and efficient, the whole process will be comcluded within 3 hours to give you the best cleaning service while saving time.